Some like it HOT!

Remember the Dad from The Fly and the Feast? Well he’s back and he’s crazy as ever in this next rhyming story.  Enjoy!


One sunny Sunday we had lunch with our friends
It was one of those lovely lazy weekends.
We played in the garden whilst Dad sipped his beer,
And the grown-ups all chatted, about what I’m not clear.

The barbie was sizzling, the smell filled the air,
Fine saussies and burgers all ready to share,
“The tucker is ready!” We ran from the pool,
Wrapped our snags in some bread, yummy sausage sizzle.

We sat down together and Dad took a bite,
At first he looked happy, then his face turned quite bright!

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Happy Mothers Day Win!!

When a Mothers Day competition popped up on my news feed I jumped at the challenge of writing a poem to win a holiday to Brisbane!

Based on a dear friend of mine here are the winning words I wrote.

Our awesome Australian Mumma
Wakes up everyday with a smile
We’d love her to win a great time in Brisbane
Relaxing in comfort and style!

I couldn’t believe it when I won! I was so excited!!!!!

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You Can’t Do That!

I discovered this brilliant exhibition at Melbourne Musem – see what you think!

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Neigh, Quack and Moo at Warraview!

We had the best ever family holiday at this place! I highly recommend it! 

Read about our adventures in South Gippsland here.

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Hands on: We make carpet for kids

I love art and the National Gallery of Victoria is a brilliant place for me and the kiddies to spend the day. 

You can read about our visit to their latest children’s gallery exhibition here.

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Ground Up Exhibition at Scienceworks

This is an article I wrote about the excellent exhibition for 0-5s at Scienceworks.

You can read it here.

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Family friendly activities in Werribee

There are so many great places to discover here in Victoria! We had a great day trip to the state rose garden and it was amazing to stumble upon the national park next door as well!

You can read all about it here.

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A Grand Day Out!

Watching Shaun the sheep is a great end of the day moment in our house, so when we visited the aardman exhibition at ACMI (the Australian Centre for Moving Image) I had to share the joy! 

You can read my review of it here.

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Amazing Melbourne Libraries

Libraries are amazing, and well worth a visit. This is an article I wrote about some of my favourite libraries in Melbourne.

You can read it here. 

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Stihl competition win!!!!

Guess what! I just won a Stihl battery pack worth au$1500 with this poem! 

My daddy needs a chainsaw!
Now let me tell you why-
We need to build a treehouse,
That reaches to the sky.

A Stihl batterys what we’re after-
We’ve heard that they’re the best!
And the treehouse that we’re building,
Will put it to the test!

And if we win this compo,
All our friends will shout hooray!
Our dad will be delighted,
He’ll start building straight away!!

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