Clarissa Caterpillar

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Clarissa caterpillarcaterpillar
Dressed entirely in green
Hurried past a shop of mirrors
So she would not be seen.

Although her friends would often tell her
Green suited her the best
She wanted to be different
To stand out from all the rest.

She loved the red of roses
And the pale blue of the sky
Oh to be a rainbow caterpillar
With the ability to fly

To soar above the gardens
Fly over parks and tallest trees
Enjoy the warmth of summer sunshine
And the cooling gentle breeze.

The other insects mocked her
As she shared her hopes and dreams
For a future filled with colour
Adventure bursting at the seams

But she’d always had a feeling
That she was made for more
Than chomping through the shoots and leaves
So she decided to explore.

She wriggled past the roses
Through the veggie patch she munched
And in between the lavender
A wise old snail was hunched.

“Hello” he said “and how do you do?
My name is Samuel snail.
Ask me any of life’s questions
And the truth I shall unveil.”

“Well there is one thing I’ve wondered,”
Clarissa kept her tears at bay,
“Will I ever shed my green skin
For a multicolourful display?”

“You see I love the red red roses
And the bright blue of the sky
One day I’d love to see the world
Whilst flying really high.”

Well Samuel snail smiled kindly
“You’re futures looking bright
One day you’ll be a butterfly
And enjoy the benefits of flight!”

“But before you get there
There’s one thing you must do:
Treasure every stage of life
Enjoy each moment being you!”

Clarissa looked around her
At the bright green of the grass
A colour that she’d missed before
But noticed now at last.

“I’m emerald, a gorgeous green!”
Clarissa grinned with glee
“I never really realised
All the good things about being me.”

“I love munching tasty veggies
And I’m growing big and strong
I love walking through the undergrowth
With my insect buddies all day long.”

Then Clarissa had a feeling
That her wings were coming soon
Before she fell into a deep sleep
She spun herself a tight cocoon.

The days turned into weeks and months
Whilst her body changed and grew
Then when she emerged from her cocoon
Her hopes and dreams came true.

A pair of rainbow coloured wings
And a body flecked with gold
Clarissa soared above the veggie patch
The views were quite something to behold!

The sky was blue and beautiful
The roses richest red
The fields and trees a luscious green
“Oh how wonderful” she said!

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