One Happy Hamster

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There’s a hamster in the bathroomhappy-hamster
It ran behind the loo
I shouted to my sister
Help I don’t know what to do!

She came running from the bedroom
I was frozen by the sink
The hamster isn’t ours you know
What would it’s owner think!

My sister crept in carefully
I stepped into the bath
The hamster watched us closely
I bet we really made him laugh!

We made a trail of raisins
To lure him out the door
He spotted them, his nose a twitch
And ran across the floor

He gobbled up the first one
Then onto number two
And three and four he’s out the door
Our plan is working – phew!

We tiptoed to the landing
Hopped past hammie on the stairs,
And sidled to the sitting room
To get his hutch prepared.

But when we looked a little closer
The lock was still in place
This amazing little hamster’d squeezed
Through a truly tiny space.

It turns out that this hamster
Had been trained by mi5
His escapades left us quite amazed
To think how he’d survived.

He’d been up the Eiffel Tower
Down the underground as well
For one of Britains greatest spies
His cage seemed like a cell.

He said “I’d like a boat for sailing
And a beach hut by the sea
Retirement in this tiny cage
Is not the life for me.”

So we chatted to his owner
And offered to provide
The life this hamster longed for
With a boat by the sea side.

They thought that we were crazy
But were happy to believe
The tales their hamster’d told us
And with their blessing let him leave.

He caught the train to Paignton
And then a bus to Broadsands bay
Where he found an empty beach hut
Beside a lovely beach cafe.

Every summer time we visit
Our furry little friend
Who spends his days amidst the waves
On a boat called ‘a happy end’.

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