Stunt girl

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I want to drive a Monster truckstunt girl
Ride motorbikes too fast
I want to race in supercars –
You won’t see me come last!

I want to be a stunt girl- the
most daring of them all
When Hollywood need someone good
On my skills they will call.

Fly solo in a fighter jet
Zoom into outer space
I want to be the fastest girl
In all the human race.

I’ve been training on my bicycle
My laps are getting faster
But now I’m stuck here sitting still
With both my legs in plaster!

Thankfully I’ve got a chair
with wheels on either side.
And dad built me a bobsleigh
So down the stairs I slide.

I want to break world records
Ooh! aah! the crowds will say,
But for now I’ll dream about it
Beneath this warm duvet.

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