The Perfect Pet

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I need a prehistoric pet shop lesothosaurus
For the animal I want
It’s not a woolly mammoth
Or a hoe-tusked elephant.

I want to buy a dinosaur
There’s one I’ve got in mind
A Lesothosaurus if you please
I know they’re hard to find.

I want a dog sized dino-
I’d teach it not to bite
Every day I’d walk it
And I’d cuddle it each night.

I’ve talked to Dad about it
He said he thinks it’s fine.
But he was watching the telly,
And dozing at the time.

My brother bought a T-Rex!
But mum said it had to go.
She said “The cat won’t cope with that-
A great big fierce dino!”

But I’m asking for a small one
I’ll train it to be nice
And my dinosaur could help the cat
When she’s catching mice.

If the pet shop cannot help me,
No dog-sized-dino can be found
I could get a playful puppy
Maybe I’ll find one in the pound.

A puppy would be safer,
And easier to train.
We’d play out in the summer
And I’d walk it in the rain.

Yes although I’d love a dino,
I think I’ve changed my mind.
Mum’s said that we can get a dog-
Thats what I wanted all the time!

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3 Responses to The Perfect Pet

  1. Pete says:

    Excellent stuff, keep them coming!

  2. Elise says:

    These poems are so cool! I’d love to do some illustrations for you

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