Moving to Melbourne

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Mummy and daddy and babu and me image
Discovered a city right next to the sea
With playgrounds and rivers and art everywhere
So we packed all our things and left to go there.

We hugged everybody and said our goodbyes
And got on the plane and took to the skies
We flew for a day and a night and a day
Then landed in Melbourne ready to play!

A dazzling city, towering high,
Hot air balloons float in the pink morning sky
Sparkling river where rowing boats race
Palm trees so high reaching up into space.

Ding ding go the trams from the town to the sea
Where kite surfers jump on the waves fast and free
Out in the country the kangaroo hops
And the train puffs along through the lush tree tops.

And on our adventure we’ve made some new friends,
Whose kindness and goodness seem never to end.
Oh wow what a city right next to the sea
We’re so thankful as well for new baby Abi!

The sunshine is shining, the sky’s bright and blue
There’s so many things that we love to do,
It’s a wonder-full life for today, for this year,
But dear family and friends how we wish you were here!

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2 Responses to Moving to Melbourne

  1. Mum says:

    Wow Claire… What a talent you’ve got! Love the poem/story!!

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