A Veggie Adventure!

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There’s a little bit of heaven
Tucked behind the superstore
Growing gardens full of veggies
Come with me and let’s explore!

Me and Daddy like to go there,
On a sunny summers day.
We watch all the people gardening,
And there’s space for us to play.

The sandpit is my favourite,
I love to play with all the toys,
And we always make new friends there-
It’s great for little girls and boys.

But watch out for the sunset,
When everyone goes home.
One evening we got locked inside-
Me and daddy all alone!

The gate was chained and padlocked,
The fence was really high.
It was getting darker,
Soon stars would fill the sky.

We picked some yummy veggies,
And ate them for our tea.
Dad said the gardeners wouldn’t mind,
As we sat under a tree.

The grass was soft and springy,
We lay down in natures bed.
Dad let me use his jumper,
As a pillow for my head.

The stars were bright and twinkly,
The moon lit up the night.
We listened to the crickets churp,
And daddy hugged me tight.

As the next day started dawning,
We yawned and rubbed our eyes.
The head gardner made us breakfast,
He was quite surprised!

I love the veggie garden
Have you really never been?
Come hide with me at sunset
And we’ll try and get locked in!

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