Happy Mothers Day Win!!

When I wrote this little rhyme I had no idea it would end up helping out someone else but that’s what’s happened!

Our awesome Australian Mumma
Wakes up everyday with a smile
We’d love her to win a great time in Brisbane
Relaxing in comfort and style!

Due to the cost of flights from Melbourne to Brisbane I couldn’t take up the prize of a weekend at Brisbane Holiday Village- I was so disappointed!

But as I kept thinking about whether there was a cheaper way to get there I realised it might be that I need to consider what would be the best thing I could do with this prize, and the conclusion I came to was to give it to someone in need. I don’t really need a holiday- I have a great life and I know that’s not the case for everyone. So I went back to Brisbane Holiday Village and suggested they look at finding a more local mother in need to take my place this Mother’s Day, so hopefully my little poem will have done some good in the world – way more than I could ever have imagined! Enjoy it whoever you are!

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