Rhubarb in the Rain

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In my first and favourite gardenrhubarb
Many yummy things were found
Sweet berries in a fruit cage
With nut and fruit trees all around.

I loved to go and harvest
All the fruit that we had sown
I’d be picking it and eating,
Filling up on all we’d grown.

Sometimes it was sunny
And the bees were buzzing round
The bugs and creepy crawlies
Scuttling on the muddy ground.

Sometimes it was rainy
Heavy grey clouds filled the sky
On those days I’d pick rhubarb
And use it’s leaf to keep me dry

We’d pick Loganberries,
Raspberries and lots of currants too
“Ooh hurry now” my mum would say,
As rain clouds came into view.

But I’d be happy on those days
You’d not hear me complain
I’d be underneath a great big leaf
Picking rhubarb in the rain.

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