Professor Potty!

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There was once a professor called Pottypro potty
Who loved to wear everything spotty
His socks never matched
His pants were all patched
And everyone thought he was dotty!

Now Potty lived all on his own
In his bright painted house all alone
He loved every shade
That he mixed and he made
And he splashed them all over his home.

But the professor lived in a town
Where they liked to paint everything brown
Every building and house
Every cat and each mouse
Even Clarence the clown

Now Clarence was Potty’s best friend
Their fun times seemed never to end
But he’d been feeling down
Always dressing in brown
And their laughter had reached a dead end

The towns folk were ever so sad
With Clarence the clown feeling bad
They loved all the brown
But not as much as this clown
Oh how can we make him feel glad?

Then one day the prof bought a van
And fitted a spot spraying can
Then he mixed up a brew,
Full of sparkles and goo,
And came up with the most cunning plan!!

He drove through the streets late at night
And was careful to keep out of sight
Whilst firing out spots,
Decorating with dots,
The whole town looked wonderfully bright!

The towns folk all looked outside
And could hardly believe their own eyes
A spectacular view
Of every hue
They loved this most spotty surprise!

Clarence woke up with a start
His town had been made into art!
He cheered and he leapt
Laughed so hard he wept
‘oh potty you’re so very smart!’

And from that day on until now
The towns folk have all made this vow
No more shall our town
Be painted in brown
We like to wake up and say wow!

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