Super Supersaurus!

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My dinosaurs a striker
Racing up through centre fieldsupersaurus
I was standing on the sidelines
Go for the goal I squealed!

He dodged Albertosaurus
As he tried to get the ball
Triceratops was on his tail
But he outran them all.

Nimbly nudging the ball nearer
To Diplodocus on defence
As Supersaurus dribbled closer
The crowd were in suspense!

Then up ran Seismosaurus
He tackled and he won
My dinosaur lay on the floor
His dreams of scoring gone!

Too-oot the whistle sounded
By T-Rex our referree
“That kind of tackles not allowed
I reward a penalty!”

The crowd all watched in wonder
Dinos eyes fixed on the ball
If he could score this final goal
We’d win the cup once and for all.

Stegosaurus was the goalie
He was big but he was slow
One kick from Supersaurus
And the goalie yelled oh no!

The ball bounced off the goal post,
Hit the goalie on the head
Swooshed into that great big net
‘You’ve won’ the T-Rex said!

My dinosaur’s a striker
His kick has won the day
We chant ‘Super Supersaurus!
Three cheers – hip hip hooray!!!

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