Creepy Casanova

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I spied a tarantula todayspider
His eight eyes met with mine
I’ve fallen for my hairy friend
And now I’m on cloud nine!

We met across the table
In the insect petting zoo
My heart was racing boom boom boom
I did not know what to do!

My voice went all a quiver
As I nervously said hi
He walked on over, flashed a smile
I froze ‘cos I’m so shy!

“Why hi there little miss”, he crooned
“It’s nice to see you here today”
The spider seemed so friendly
I’d no idea I was his prey.

Walking side by side we strolled
Along the table top
We talked about the weather
In fact we talked almost non stop

I thought I’d found my soul mate
At last one who understood
And when he held me in his arms
Life felt so very good

But as he drew me closer
His legs wrapped around mine
His kiss seemed rather like a bite
Then I felt tingling down my spine

Right now I’m in the darkness
It’s black just like the night
I’m not sure where my spider is
Did he eat me with one bite?!?

So when you fall for someone
Just take a tip from me
Protect your health, think to yourself –
Will they eat me for their tea?!?


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