Sweet dreams are made of cheese

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This valentine I long to dinecheese460
On every kind of cheese
Not just on simple Stilton
Or the kind that you can squeeze.

I’ll have Gorgonzola gnocchi
And gorgeous goats cheese tart
On walnuts, figs and feta
So delicious, where to start!?!

Stinking bishop for my entree
Then end with cheese and wine
And chicken stuffed with Stilton
As a main course is divine

For pudding I love cheesecake
But always more than one
Chocolate, cherry, toffee
One bite and they’re all gone

Then out will come the cheeseboard
With creamy Camembert
And juicy grapes and crackers
I’ll feast on finest fayre!

Oh cheddar how I love thee
Whilst I sip a fine red wine
You’ll always be my favourite
From your mousey valentine x x

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