Gymnastic Fantastic!

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The whole world is my playground, 
I leapfrog every post.
I swing round every flagpole,
Jumpings what I love the most.

Balancing on every wall,
As though it is a beam.
I imagine I’m a gymnast-
The best you’ve ever seen!

I’ve worked hard training daily,
Now it’s time to show the world.
On the corner of our town square
I turn and twist and twirl.

I dream of the Olympics
The crowd all hushed in awe
I sprint and handstand, spinning high,
Land lightly on the floor.

The judges hold their cards up,
I’m scoring pretty high.
I want to win gold medals,
Up on the bars I jump and fly.

The last event is vaulting.
I’ll use this wall and bin.
No cars are coming, I start running,
Then cartwheel, handstand, spin!

I land, my feet together,
I pause then stand up tall.
The crowd think I’m amazing,
But am I the best of all?

The judges do their scoring.
I wait and watch the screen.
I’m hoping for a medal-
The gold would be a dream!

I’ve won! I’ve won! I’ve won it!
I’m jumping up and down!
In my daydream crowds are cheering,
As I dance home across my town.


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