Some like it HOT!

Remember the Dad from The Fly and the Feast? Well he’s back and he’s crazy as ever in this next rhyming story.  Enjoy!


One sunny Sunday we had lunch with our friends
It was one of those lovely lazy weekends.
We played in the garden whilst Dad sipped his beer,
And the grown-ups all chatted, about what I’m not clear.

The barbie was sizzling, the smell filled the air,
Fine saussies and burgers all ready to share,
“The tucker is ready!” We ran from the pool,
Wrapped our snags in some bread, yummy sausage sizzle.

We sat down together and Dad took a bite,
At first he looked happy, then his face turned quite bright!

His mouth- it stopped moving, his eyes watered too,
We looked at each other, but what could we do?!

“Watch out for the hot sauce”, our kind host advised,
Dad’s face had turned crimson, well, apart from his eyes.
He coughed and he spluttered, he winced and he cried,
Whilst one little chilli exploded inside!

He screamed “Someone help me” and breathed out some fire,
His cries for some water got higher and higher,
Steam hissed from his ears, smoke blew from his nose,
He downed one jug of water then reached for the hose.

“Fetch me some water! Or yoghurt or beer?!?
My mouth is on fire, who put hot sauce in here?”
He ran round the garden then jumped in the pool,
Desperately trying to make his mouth cool.

Mum, she looked worried, my sister turned red,
My brother was giggling, ‘shhhh quiet!’ I said.
Mum smelled a rat then her eyes nearly popped,
When she noticed the labels I’d secretly swapped.

“Tomato or hot sauce for you darl?” she said,
As my face turned a deep, hot, scarlety red.
“Um, I’m fine with the hot sauce”, I stammered and smiled,
Hoping my sauce label switch still applied.

My hands were a-trembling as I took a bite,
Will it be hot sauce? Will I be alright?
Delicious tomato or fiery chilli,
My hearts beating faster, oh boy was I silly!

Mum watched me closely, she saw my regret,
Had she swapped back the labels? I would not like to bet!
My tongue was a tingle, I started to chew
I tasted the sauce, just tomato! Oh phew!

That day I learnt that hot sauce is quite hot,
That some jokes are funny and some jokes are not
That Dad and his taste buds don’t go well with chilli,
And Mum always spots when I have been silly!

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