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I write because I love life! Whether it’s poems for children, articles for parents or youth work resources it’s all a celebration of life- the complexity, the beauty, the wonder, the fun!

I started writing poetry aged 12 on a school trip to Russia and my teachers were so encouraging I kept writing! It helped me navigate the trials of teenage life and then as the ravages of sleep deprivation took hold I turned to poetry again in the middle of one disturbed night with my baby son. The result was Professor Potty, and from that point on I resolved to fight the madness with joy and embrace my sleep deprived imagination wholeheartedly, writing and thinking and learning about story and rhyme.  Some of my poems are inspired by Torbay, the beautiful place where I used to live.  As it says in my Moving to Melbourne poem I now live in Australia!

My youth work writing began after I went to a conference and ranted to someone who turned out to be the editor of a youthwork magazine. He suggested I write down my rant and send it to him, so I did. He then helped and encouraged me as I began writing resources and then articles for Premier Youthwork and then others as well.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities and help I’ve received over the years. I’ve learnt so much from young people, youth work colleagues, and fellow writers. So it seemed natural to look at writing when I arrived in Melbourne with my young children and started to discover great places and experiences in this amazing city. I’m thrilled to be able to share the joy of discovering good times for me and my family in Australia. My hope is others will benefit as they go and join in the fun!

Whatever you read on these pages I hope my thoughts fill you with joy and inspire you about life- the complexity, the beauty, the wonder, the fun!

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  1. David says:

    Brilliant, love the Octogown

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